Esri is pleased to announce the release of the Landsat imagery services. These image services enable fast and easy access to 30 years of Landsat imagery as part of ArcGIS Online. Esri is providing this data (more than 8 TB) on ArcGIS Online and serving it as over 20 different dynamic, multispectral, multitemporal image services that provide access to the full image information content, along with change detection capabilities. In addition, Esri has created web maps and an interactive web application that leverage these image services, providing even greater access.

The services are available in different standard band combinations. These band combinations include false color (bands 4,3,2)—useful for vegetation studies and crop growth monitoring, natural color with atmospheric penetration (bands 7,4,2)—best suited for analysis of urban studies, and vegetation analysis (bands 5,4,3)—providing the most information for agriculture and forest management. Since these services are also multitemporal, users can turn back the clock and easily analyze how things have changed in their region over the past 30 years.

These image services are available as standard services through ArcGIS Online. Users will be able to build web maps utilizing this information and share their analysis for better understanding and collaboration. Esri has also provided a series of web maps in ArcGIS Online that highlight the usage of these new services and help explain the measurement of change over time and space using the Landsat data. For example, users interested in looking at the change in coastal landforms could access and use the Land Water service in ArcGIS Desktop or ArcGIS Online applications, then use the temporal slider or service properties to define the epoch of greatest interest. Directly using these image services removes the requirement for users to store, manage, or process these large datasets themselves; instead, they can directly use these services as if all the different image products were stored locally.

People worldwide are trying to solve complex environmental challenges, and access to Landsat datasets through ArcGIS Online can make a difference.

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