has released of Portable GIS Version 2. It comes with a self-contained installer, the most up to date stable versions of all the constituent packages, a control panel, and much improved documentation. It requires 1.3GB of space to install in.

The current set of software includes:

  • Desktop GIS packages QGIS (with GRASS plugin), uDIG and gvSIG,
  • FWTools (GDAL and OGR toolkit)
  • XAMPPlite (Apache2/MySQL5/Php5),
  • PostgreSQL (version 8.4)/Postgis (version 1.4),
  • Mapserver, OpenLayers, Tilecache, Featureserver, and Geoserver web applications.

The packages and menu system are all open source, but each component has a separate license. Some of the components have been altered in order to make them drive-letter independent.

Please note that this is a 500MB download, and requires a 2GB USB stick to install. The installation process takes a long time due to limitations in the write speed of USB sticks and the heavy compression required to keep the download as small as possible

Download Portable GIS Version 2