There have been so many devices or software which is developed to help us gathering geographic data. Global positioning system is one of the examples. This kind of device will help us determining where we are. Thus, this device has been very helpful to find information about location and used by so many people who like to go out in the wild so that they will not get lost. The data from a GPS or other geographical device can be actually stored in the Graphic Information System or GIS. This system will help us gather data and then incorporate the data so that the data can be stored, scrutinized, and distributed. Having the data scrutinized, distributed, and stored into the system, we will be able to know the geographic information of a particular location. There are so many kinds of data that GIS can store. For example, the geographic information system will be able to store terrain, map, elevations, and transportation network. In short, this system will be very beneficial for those professionals who are working in a city planning or forestry. Not only for professional uses, but the geographic information system has now also been developed to be used for individual purposes.
One of the examples of the development of GIS for the individual purpose is the software Bing Maps and also Google Maps. That software are the example of how GIS has been developed into user friendly application so that the data stored from the system can be used for the sake of individual person who want to know about their location or the location of some particular places in the world. Not only in the earth, but it seems that Google has also developed the use of GIS to help us see the moon. Now, if we download the Google Earth program, we will not only be able to see the surface or the information of places on the earth, but we will also be able to see the terrain and other geographical information of the moon. From this, we can say that the geographic information system can be used as an integrating technology not only for professional but also for individual users. With the system has been developed into a user friendly one, there have been so many good effects about that. For example, students from United States of America can now learn about geography easily by using the Google Earth or Bing Maps.