Airplane is known as the safest transportation that you can use. It said that the chance of accident happen during airplane flight is only 1 in million. It’s way safer than land transportation. As we all know, the number of people killed on the road in a year is way higher than the number of victim of war. However, few weeks ago, there is big news related to this air transportation. Yes, you must know about MH370 flight crash. The most interesting part of this accident is the crashing location. The MH370 flight was originally flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. However, because of some reason, this flight turned around their route and fly to the Indian Ocean, West of Australia. More than that, there is indication that pilot turned off the signal that can be used to detect the location of the airplane. From this point, there were many issues and opinion about this case. Some experts said that it was technical error and the hottest issues that moment was hijacking accident by terrorist. It make sense, because, there were two passenger of MH370 using fake passport to take that flight. Now, after some debris of this airplane has been found in Indian Ocean and there are four signal that is predicted to be the black box signal, was detected, the search for MH370 will continue. There are many ways that can be used to find MH370. One of them is Geographic Information System (GIS). This is also the system that helps to pinpoint the location of MH370 in Indian Ocean. As we all know, the last signal of MH370 was detected in Malacca Strait. This is also the reason why this case becomes the hardest case in air transportation history.
The Geographic Information System
The GIS itself is a system that use many data and factors, which is usually related to the geographic location of some event, to find the fact about some event. In MH370 case, there are various data and parameter that has been used to determine the exact location of MH370. For example, the last detected signal, the climate at the moment the accident occur, the airplane factor, and many more. This case is similar with the Air France case few years ago. However, the different is, the last signal of Air France that was detected is really close to the crashing location of this airplane. However, MH370 take about 2000 miles to the South of its original destination, which makes it really hard to find. The GIS collect all these data, including the trace of airplane engine signal that was detected by British satellite. With this data, the searcher can say that the MH370 was crash landed in Indian Ocean. The data that expert got to conduct the search with GIC method was also acquired from the online global mapping that we can found on many websites. Many people all around the world use this method to look at the Indian Ocean and try to find possibility that there is some debris of MH370. In fact, the first information about debris came from this method.
GIS Data
Like mentioned before, the most important data that can be used in GIS in searching for MH370 is the signal lost data. It was last detected above Malacca Straits. From here, there are many possibilities that we can find. However, the most reasonable cause it happened is because, the transponder, which is the device that sends this signal, was turned off. This device is located inside the cockpit. And, in commercial airplane like MH370, the only person that can access the cockpit was only pilot and co-pilot. Other person who wants to enter the cockpit has to get permission from the pilot. Therefore, according to this data, the expert say that the pilot was turned off the transponder or pilot was under a threat, so, he had to turn off the transponder. The other data is the flight conversation. Pilot reported that the airplane and flight was okay, there is also no problem and everything was normal. However, after pilot reported this information, the signal was lost. But, the aircraft tower detect before they lost completely, there is indication that the airplane was turned around and try to go back to Kuala Lumpur. This data means that there was some defect, problem or malfunction on the airplane. According to the right procedure, pilot has to turn around and land on nearest airport. With this data, the expert can predict that MH370 fly to the Southeast or Southwest direction. However, the possibility of MH370 was flying to Southeast direction was eliminated, because the military radar in Indonesia hasn’t detected anything. Therefore, many countries that join the search were focusing to search on the opposite area. However, there is new data entry from British satellite that captures the trace of signal of MH370 heading to the southeast. This seem not possible, because, how comes this plane can fly through Indonesia undetected. But, this data has been used by the expert that they try to locate the exact location of this signal trace until it’s lost. Then, Indian Ocean becomes the place where it last detected and debris of MH370 was found in this area. Plus, US ship also detect ping signal on four different locations in Indian Ocean that can become the signal of black box of MH370.
Current Situation
Although the battery of black box is running out one month after the crash and today is more than one month, Malaysia say that they will keep looking for MH370. With all data that they got and now, they also get 3D model of the area where the last ping of black box was detected, they believe that this plane will be found soon. This case also becomes the lesson for this industry and also the world. Now, many experts suggest that every airplane has to be equipped with signal that can be detected by satellite and can’t be turned off. That way, the accident like MH370 won’t happen again.